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Tubelight Movie Review, Star Cast, Story, Facts and Release Date

Salman Khan– our very own Bhaijaan, always comes up with an amazing gift of Eid every year for his fans. He comes every time with such a splendid gift that mesmerizes the audiences all over the world. This year too he is coming with his most awaited project, Tubelight movie for which the fans are waiting with open eyes is slated to be released on Eid this year.

Salman Khan Tubelight Movie Review

Tubelight Movie Star Cast: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu, Om Puri, Shahrukh Khan (Cameo)

Director: Kabir Khan

Producer: Salma Khan, Salman Khan

Genre: Historical War Drama

Music: Pritam Chakraborty

Tubelight Story and Facts

In Tubelight Salman Khan is teaming up with the director Kabir Khan for the third time. The story revolves around the brotherly love where Salman will share the screen space with his younger brother Sohail Khan as his younger brother.

According to reports, the film set in the 1960s, will first camp at Ladakh and later move ahead to Kashmir backdrop. Actually, the film is based on the background of the Sino-Indian war of 1962, where a dubious Himalayan border functioned as the main cause for the war. On a serious note, it isn’t a political saga rather more of a human drama.

Director Kabir Khan himself said “Needless to say that my films always have political backdrops because these are the kind of stories that excited me. So, that’s always gonna be there. As far as the story goes, it is very different to what I’ve done so far”.

Salman Khan Biography

The end credits in the teaser revealed that the story of the Tubelight movie is based on the 2015 movie “Little Boy”.

Tubelight Movie Release Date

Tubelight movie is slated to hit the theaters on Eid this year, which is expectantly on 23rd June 2017.

The most important aspect of the movie Tubelight is its Salman khan’s league-apart movie where he is doing something that’s opposite to his popular public image. But he does it with conviction. On top of it, the film is quite clear about its core message from starting right with the release of its trailer. So, all in all, one must warn the Salman Khan’s fans that Tubelight is an exodus from your regular Salman Khan mass entertainers.

Tubelight Movie Review

In the movie, Bollywood’s darling-star plays a childish man who would not take off his shirt or flex his biceps. The audience going with this hope must invest belief that you are going to enjoy another side of Salman Khan. This would take you in this age of innocence offered by Kabir Khan, whose past releases Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan were more successful commercially.

Tubelight inspired by the Hollywood film Little Boy is told with a fable-like plainness. Set in Jagatpur, a pretty North-Indian town, during the Indo-China war, the locals are mostly hangers-on, who have little to do except laugh at Laxman’s antics or berate him. Banne Chacha(Om Puri) teaches him, conveying Gandhiji’s gyaan at every given prospect. Narayan (Mohd Zeeshan) is the local persecutor who slaps the hero around without provocation, making the slaps sting less and annoy more. Things get revivify a bit when the stunningly gorgeous Liling (Zhu Zhu) and perky Guo(Matin), who are Chinese refugees move to Jagatpur. But even this pathway seems opportunely placed just to induce the Hindi-Chini bhai bhai feelings.

The film transmits the values of family, faith, and nationalism. However, doesn’t manage to take a whole leap of faith because somewhere someone couldn’t pull this one off credibly. In fact, everything is so clearly sweet that will make start feel that you have strolled into a sermon rather than a Salman movie.

Pritam’s Naach Meri Jaan and Sajan Radio are purely magical with the power create ambiance, as well as Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo is entertaining, Go-Go Pasha. Aseem Mishra’s camera work is largely spectacular.

Laxman Singh Bisht explains his life in one sentence in the movie: ‘Pitaji ko sharaab ne, maa ko gham ne aur Gandhi Ji ko humne maar diya’ (Liquor killed father, grief killed mother, and we murdered Gandhi ji). This is ironic yet effective to give a tinge of veracity to the movie.

tubelight movie review

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When it comes to performances, Salman laughs and cries unselfconsciously and innocently, untying the lesser-seen side of his macho image which is ever seen before. Salman Khan really has the caliber to move mountains not with his strength but with his performance that manages to keep the faith alive. Sohail is simply sincere and over shined his brother the lead in the movie. Zhu Zhu shows spunk and young Matin entertains. And, Om Puri is a treat to watch who reminds you of the mettle unsung heroes are made of.

All an all, a wonderful creation to generate emotions in the hearts of people at the time where cruelty and unfaithfulness are ruling more in everyone’s sole.

Dabangg Khan’s fans were waiting for the movie eagerly and they have got the perfect gift of Eid.

Well, this is complete movie review of Tubelight, for box office collections and much more keep visiting us.

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