Bollywood Actress Who Worn Expensive Outfits On Their Wedding Day

Marriages in Bollywood are always an extravagant and lavish affair. And why not, the wedding day is one of the most auspicious days in anyone’s life. Moreover, if someone is a celebrity then it is only natural that their special day becomes national news. In Bollywood, it is indeed a grand affair. Everything, from the […]


Padmavati Movie Posters, Story, Star Cast, Trailer, Preview 2017

The most awaited movie Padmavati has finally unveiled its three posters. It was heard that Singh, Bhansali’s favorite actor, doesn’t want to share equal space with Kapur in the film’s poster. Hence, the filmmakers arrived at a treaty of releasing three solo posters, one for each. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is usually counted as the most […]

10 Highly Educated Bollywood Stars You Never Knew

10 Highly Educated Bollywood Stars You Never Knew

Bollywood is always filled with some of the awe-inspiring talents. They entertaining talent is never on questions. Also, you wouldn’t expect anything else from these sparkling stars. But staying honest to their acting mantra of amusing the audience with the unexpected, the Bollywood stars have something else to inspire as well. They prove that following […]