Perfect Indian Meal Diet plan for Weight Loss in 10 days

Do you love eating Indian food? I know, you love it and even I love it too because it’s damn good to taste, rich and delicious. But, it is undoubtedly the maximum supplier of calories to your body.

Do you know a maximum of the Indian food recipe can drag you towards excess of weight if not eaten in moderation?

Still, there is a way out to lose weight with Indian meal diet plan. Yes! You can have Indian meal and will lose weight drastically. We will make you aware of it right here.

Maximum of the Indians spend hours every day surfing the internet or reading various health magazines or articles in the newspaper in search of valuable diet advice.

But what majority of people don’t understand is what they usually are looking for is not for them. They are searching the right information in the wrong places. Most of the diet blogs, weight loss plans are not India centric.

Therefore, you will not get the correct diet plans that will suit your Indian meal habits.

As a result, it is noticed that while following general plans, people invariably get confused and simply give up. This starts from sheer ignorance and nothing else.

Indian cuisine is assorted and distinctive. There is a large ratio of the populace that eats only vegetarian food. Indian meal diet plans for weight loss are also quite dissimilar from worldwide diet plans, as food patterns are quite different.

Indian diet plan for weight loss

Losing weight with an Indian diet plan

Losing weight with an Indian diet plan is moderately easy and effortless.

Eating a balanced Indian diet is an imperative component of a healthy lifestyle. It helps keep an ideal weight and also provides our body with substantial resistance against numerous health problems.

An effective and worthy Indian diet plan for weight loss includes six meals a day that helps you to lose weight in 10 days.

Here we start with your healthy and fit Indian meal diet plan for weight loss for any given day.


Our day starts with an energetic morning where breakfast plays the lead role. So to start with a blast of energy, have a protein-rich breakfast. Omelet of 2 eggs, multigrain toast with low-fat cheese and black coffee, 2 idlis with sambhar, or one roti with lots of vegetables, are your options to have.

Morning snacks

After an interval of 2-3 hour, you must have some munching to pull up your craving for food. Then you can have one cup of yogurt, some fruits chat with lemon juice or a handful of dry fruits.

indian healthy lunch for weight loss


Lunch is the vital meal part of every Indian where the proper meal course fills us with all the more cravings. But to hold it up you have to eat everything but in small quantity.

2 rotis (without oil or ghee), 1 cup dal, ½ cup vegetable or chicken curry and 1 bowl of salad,

1 cup boiled brown rice (without starch) with ½ cup vegetable curry is your complete Indian meal plan.

It depends on you, how much you can control your craving. If you are having most of the salads, dal and vegetables then you can skip eating rice.

In vegetables, you can have all vegetables but with a limited quantity of potatoes. Cottage cheese is also a good supporter of Indian weight loss diet plan.

Yogurt and salad are an important part of Indian meal plan for weight loss.


Afternoon snack

One cup moong bean sprouts, 15 peanuts with salt pepper and lemon to taste, 1 cup yogurt with cut fruits, 1 apple, raspberries, cucumber or carrot slices. Pick any of your likes and have after 2-3 hours of lunch.

Evening snacks

You can have fruits, whole wheat biscuits with lime water, a refreshing drink, a glass of milk or some dry fruits.

indian evening snacks for weight loss

Some people think dry fruits triggers weight gain. But, actually, it’s not. Dry fruits are good for health if taken in limit and give you instant energy.


1 roti (without oil or ghee), ½ cup vegetable curry, 1 cup dal and 1 bowl of salad


1 cup rice (without starch), 1 cup of dal and 1 bowl of salad, 1 cup of chicken curry are your options to make dinner healthy.

Avoid the habit of eating until you feel full. It’s really not good for health. One more bad habit of leaving is having rich and delicious food. I know Indian dishes are famous for the spices but every time spices are not good for health.

These are your healthy choices of weight loss with an Indian meal.

Vegetable curries and non-veg recipes may taste delicious with special additives or excess of oil, ghee or butter. But to lead a healthy and hearty life, avoid using such oils. Instead, start with virgin olive oil. It tastes good and also takes well care of your heart and body.

virgin olive oil for weight loss

So pull up your socks for getting that flat stomach really fast, by following these simple food rules:

1) Block that C.R.A.P. out of your body

Doubting what C.R.A.P. is? Well, it is a cluster of food items which are not good for our body. C is for caffeine, R is for refined sugar, A is for alcohol and P is for processed food. If you can eliminate these four food groups from your life, you can undoubtedly live your dream of a good figure, fit body and will become the fit Indian.

2) Treat yourself

When you are on a strict diet plan, then you are already doing well for your body. Unnecessary food cravings every time keeps coming but a mere treating won’t do any harm. Enjoy having a cheat meal once a week; be it delicious butter chicken, shah Paneer, chocolate fudge or anything delightful. It will, in fact, help you speed up your metabolism.

3) Never skip breakfast

Everybody knows the importance of a healthy breakfast and it should be consumed within an hour after waking up. Also, it must be containing all the essential nutrients our body requires at the very start of the day.

4) Drink Plenty of water

Water helps in good digestion and also performs as a detoxifying agent. Hence, it is suggested to drink at least eight glasses of water per day or more you can add. Water is a zero calorie drink with low sodium. Furthermore, drinking plenty of water keeps your skin healthy.

5) Avoid eating late night

There is a famous saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. Dinner is something that should be as light as possible. It is the end of the day and your digestive system is preparing to shut down. So avoid eating late night. Or you can eat between 8 – 8:30 pm so as to give your body enough time to digest.

So, here you go with complete Indian diet plan for a good weight loss.

Do you think this is effective? Are you going to make it as a routine as eating every time healthy gives you a liberty of having a cheat meal once in a while?

Hope you get the best answer to your most queried concern of effective diet plan for weight loss. This is the plan that could not make you starve.

Do you have something exciting to add to this list? Then please share to make this Indian diet plan more effective.  We applaud your commitment and hope to make you all have a perfect shape-up body.


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