Mr Olympia 2018 Winner – Prediction, Prize Money and Contestants

The countdown of Mr Olympia 2018 has been started. Champions have been achieving admiration and acknowledgment since 1965 in Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia competition by years of dedication and hard work.This year speculating Mr. Olympia 2018 winner prediction would not be so easy. But we have analyzed that who will win mr olympia 2018 on the basis of current Mr physique of all Olympian Bodybuilders.

It’s no longer up to judges to decide Mr. Olympia 2018 winner, American Media, Inc (AMI) company who organize the event introduced a new way to select Mr Olympia 2018 final winner.

Now for the first time ever, the fan will vote for their favorite Mr. Olympia 2018 contestants.

MR Olympia 2018 final date and tickets

The competition date has been announced which is 13-16 Sep 2018. Most of you want to watch live and looking an answer of this question that where is mr olympia held 2018, so the bodybuilding competition will be held on Las Vegas, NV.

Whoever will buy Mr. Olympia 2018 tickets for the main event of judgment rounds on September 14, and the final rounds on September 15, can get a chance to cast out the vote through their digital smartphone.

However, according to AMI press release fan votes will be count as one vote, which will be added with all judges votes.

With all this sudden change can bring major effect when it’s come to crown the title of Mr Olympia 2018 winner.

Now before going any further let see what some of the Mr. Olympia 2018 contenders think about this new voting system.

William Bonac – “When I first heard that the fans will have a positive role in who they feel should be the 2018 Mr. Olympia winner is an absolute idea! I will try my hard and give more than a hundred percent to be the last man standing in upcoming Las Vegas, Nevada September 15.”

Shawn Rhoden – “Voting by fans will definitely change the game and make a vast variation. Proclaiming myself as a people’s champion, because that’s who I am the People’s champion.”

Dexter Jackson – “Yup! That is the best thing ever happen in Mr. Olympia history because I’m always the people’s champion; perhaps finally this could be Sandow number two for me!”

Mr Olympia 2018 winner prediction

Possible chances that 7 time Mr. Olympia winner Phil Heath can join the great legacy of Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman who won 8 times in between 1984 to 1991 (Lee Haney) and 1998 to 2005 (Ronnie Coleman). And could walk out of the arena holding the title of Mr Olympia 2018 Winner.

However, we can’t avoid the fact that there are other contenders who can challenge Current Mr Olympia Heath toe to toe. That’s right, here are the contestants who can possibly beat Phil Heath.

Mamdouh Elssbiay (Big Ramy)

Mamdouh Elssbiay Mr Olympia 2018 Winner

Image Credit: Instagram

Last year this Egyptian bodybuilder almost beat the champion and attain the second position.

Since then he has been improving so much and ready to provide tough competition. He’s known for his big size body, but now his body manages to build aesthetically improvement than ever.

Big Ramy won the 2017 Arnold Classic Europe after participating in last year Mr. Olympia.

William Bonac

William Bonac Mr Olympia 2018 Winner

Image Credit: Instagram

After that, we’ve Bonac, William standing next in our list a 35-year-old bodybuilder who somehow maintain the third position in last year competition.

Bonac is a fearless contender and will bring destruction in the path of winning the crown of Mr. Olympia for Phil Heath and Big Ramy.

He holds the 2018 Arnold Classic title in Ohio, beating some of the participants of 2018 Mr. Olympia.

Shawn Rhoden

Shawn Rhoden Mr Olympia 2018 Winner

Considering his second position in 2016 Olympia he could have a chance to attain someplace in the top 5 this year.

He canceled his recent Arnold Classic in Ohio because of some stomach ache, however, he has good potential as we can see his recent pics on social media.

Bu the question is that “can he beat Phil Heath this year?” which is highly doubtful for us.

MR Olympia 2018 watch online

I know you guys can’t wait to watch live stream of Mr Olympia full show. You can watch the live show here Mr Olympia Watch Online 2018 and stay updated with all the latest news of the biggest bodybuilding competition.

Mr. Olympia 2018 qualified contestants list

Here are the contenders for mr olympia and 2018 Mr Olympia lineup:

Phil Heath – United State of America

Dexter Jackson – United State of America

Brandon Curry – United State of America

William Bonac – Netherlands

Charles Griffen – United State of America

Steve Kuclo – United State of America

Michael Lockett – United State of America

Cedric McMillan – United State of America

Lukas Czech Osladil – Republic

Iain Valliere – Canada

Roelly Winklaar – Curacao

Juan Morel – United State of America

Shawn Rhoden – United State of America

Mamdouh Elssbiay – Egypt

Nathan De Asha – United Kingdom

Mr. Olympia 2018 prize money

According to American Media Inc. published a press release, prize money for the 2018 Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend contests will be $1.36 million for male and female contenders.

Have a look at some of Bollywood actors with Six Pack Abs.

Hope you satisfy with our analyzed prediction don’t forget to tell us about this to your friends by sharing on social media and also comment who will who will be Mr Olympia 2018.

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