Low Carb High Protein Indian Diet

Most Amazing Low Carb High Protein Indian Diet Plan

Are you working towards attaining a perfect shape? Following strict exercise plan?  Then benefit your goal by having a high protein, low carb Indian diet plan. Generally, human body accumulates fat due to bad food habits. Having a diet that possesses an excess of carbohydrates and less protein will anyhow result in a flabby body.  This makes you sluggish for any activity.

But don’t worry! By following an effective diet plan with low carbohydrates and high protein you can attain the perfect shape you desire for.

Before moving ahead with a high protein diet plan having low carbohydrates, you need to know how it works. What exactly is the notion of this type of Indian diet plan?

Low Carb High Protein Indian Diet 

The idea behind low carbohydrate diet plan

low carb indian foods

Protein is a good source of energy and so is Carbohydrate. The idea behind a low carb diet plan is to limit the intake of carbohydrates. The amount should be approximately 50 –60 grams per day. It is not available in bread only, but in a wide variety of food items. Fruits, vegetables, and other whole grains are a prime source of carbohydrates. So you need to limit their intake following low carb high protein diet plan.

Reduce or eliminate by avoiding highly processed bread, candies, cakes, or other sugary products.

Eat multi-grain bread, quinoa, fruits, and vegetables with low sugar content. The list of fruits you can add to your diet plan is here:

Fruits with Low Sugar content

  1. Apple, Apricot, Avocado
  2. Blackberry, Blueberry
  3. Cranberry, Cherry, Coconut meat, Coconut milk, Currant (red, black, white)
  4. Gooseberry, Grape, Grapefruit
  5. Kiwi Fruit, Kumquat,
  6. Lemon/Lime, juice
  7. Melon, Mulberry
  8. Olive, Orange
  9. Papaya, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plum,
  10. Raspberry, Strawberry, Watermelon

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high protein fruits

Vegetables with Low sugar content

  1. Avocado, bean sprouts
  2. Beet green, bell pepper, broccoli
  3. Cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, celery, cucumber
  4. Eggplant (Brinjal)
  5. Garlic, lettuce of all kinds
  6. Mushrooms, mustard green
  7. Onion, Radish
  8. Spinach, string beans
  9. Tomato, turnips green
  10. Zucchini (Tori)


By having a low carb Indian diet plan you can get rid of the adverse effects of carbohydrates. It directly increases the sugar in our body. Increased blood sugar in pancreas forms insulin. Although it is a very important hormone that enables our body cells to use required blood sugar. But one of the adverse effects, it forms fat also in our body that accumulates in the body, makes you look chubby.

Insulin is also responsible for stimulating the brain to produce hunger signals. These signals cause craving in humans for more food. Actually, they feel the hunger for more food with high carbohydrates.

When you follow this low-carb diet plan, then the level of insulin in the body decreases gradually. When the insulin level falls, the level of Glucagons rises. Glucagon is also an important hormone viable for the burning of body fat. It also helps in the cholesterol removal from the arteries.

Simply by lowering down carbohydrates from your diet plan, you help yourself in reducing further accumulation of fat.

How high protein works in Indian Diet Plan?

Foods rich in protein are helpful in losing weight. These come in a variety and make you feel fuller for a longer time. For the benefit of weight loss without any weakness or fatigue, it is advised to intake around 120g of Protein daily in the diet.

Being a good source of energy, proteins also make you active the whole day. When you will have a high protein diet daily, you will feel less hungry. This would be an amazing gift for you as protein-rich Indian diet plan is also good for weight loss journey.

Another vital benefit of eating higher amounts of protein, it increases metabolism. This helps burn the body fat easily.

High protein low-fat foods

  • Lean red meat with visible fat removed
  • Eggs, Fish, Chicken
  • Fat-free dairy products; milk, yogurt and cottage cheese
  • Legumes and beans like soybeans, kidney beans (Rajma), lentils, and peas
  • Soy products; tofu and soy milk
  • Dry fruits and nuts; almonds, walnuts, cashews, and peanuts
  • Seeds of pumpkin, and sunflower

High protein low-fat foods

It is also advised to cook protein sources in a healthy way. This will help you avoid adding excess fat & calories to your meal.  Healthy methods are poaching the eggs, dry frying, grilling or roasting only with a little olive oil.

Hence, a high protein, low carb diet plan is a very effective way to halt the destructive accumulation of fats in your body.  For faster results, besides following this low carb and high protein diet plan, do thirty minutes of exercise daily. Along with that drink plenty of water. This will improve your metabolism and so help you lose weight faster.

So, what are you up to now? Would you be following this healthy and nutritious diet plan with lots of varieties?

Of course, you will! This is the fastest way to get fit and fabulous. Enjoy your meal and encourage others too.

Do you find this blog helpful? Please share your opinions or any query in the comment box below. Stay tuned for most other diet plans asked by people!

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