tips for cracked lips

How To Treat Cracked Lips: 7 Easy And Effective Home Remedies

Are you upset of your cracked and chapped lips? Always have soaring, reddish, flaky lips as your prime concern? Looking for some perfectly natural, healthy and the best DIY tips to treat cracked lips?

Then you are at the right place. Here we have the permanent cracked lips treatment for you.

Chapped lips’ are a common problem of winters. Just then the winter is at its peak in January, this concern comes to roaring up commonly, not just in females but in males also.

It is really important to treat those cracked, chapped and soaring lips immediately as these are painful and off course diminishing your gaze as well.

If no immediate actions are taken, the corners of the mouth run the risk of rising to painful cracks. If looked into the prime reasons behind cracked and chapped lips, these are the vitamins deficiency, chronic lips licking, dehydration, smoking, sun exposure, allergic reaction, and unfavorable weather conditions. Dehydration causes cracked lips the most.

Home remedies for cracked lips

tips for cracked lips

These are some of the reasons.

Now come to their treatment. If you are currently facing this reluctant problem then be with us. You will get your desirable answer here.

You will find lots of creams, gel, and lotion in the market. But nothing can beat the effect and results of natural treatment of cracked lips. Here is the answer to your most concerning question, how to treat cracked lips?

Treat chapped lips naturally with these simple home remedies:

1.Castor oil with petroleum Jelly

Castor oil is a very effective product used in several natural remedies. So just apply castor oil to your lips followed by covering them with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

It intact the moisture within your lips and they will start healing to be normal within a week. This is considered to be the best way to get rid of cracked lips

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2.Mustard Oil at navel

Well, it might sound intriguing, how applying mustard oil to navel can help prevent soaring and flaky lips? Just to soften your lips it is an age-old ayurvedic treatment for chapped lips used by most of the Indians.

Only do a little massage with few drops of mustard oil on your belly button, if possible at bedtime or after taking a bath. This is the best time when your lips need nourishment. The notion behind this is only to keep the belly button soaking and moist through which lips usually get moisturized.


3.Fresh milk cream or unsalted butter

Cure cracked lips naturally with them. These are the most common things available in every Indian home. Many people are using them for treating flaky and chapped lips.

The sole motive is to moisturize the lips without much efforts or costs. Just apply them before bed and cure cracked lips overnight. Then do exfoliate your lips in the morning. The results are even quicker than any other lip balm.

4.Honey –a reliable anti-bacterial

If your lips are suffering from any kind of bacterial infection, then the best natural remedy for this is HONEY. It is a humectant with some amazing anti-bacterial properties that help treat the lips easily. Just apply it with a wet finger on your lips. It will help you have soft and rosy lips.

honey and lemon for dry skin

5.Aloe Vera gel or Fresh pulp

Aloe Vera is an excellent flaky and chapped lips healer. It has good properties that help to heal dry and burned lips. These days many manufacturers are offering Aloe Vera gel in the market. You can use and apply that or can also use fresh aloe vera pulp directly to your lips to cure them easily and naturally.

Aloe-Vera-Gel-On-cracked lips

6.Medications- Iron Supplements

Sometimes you will find any of the home remedies for cracked lips useless. At that moment don’t feel bad. If a number of remedies are no effects then possibly you are suffering from anemia. This comes with iron deficiency in your body or low red-blood-cell counts.

Drowsiness, severely chapped lips, and headache are signs which specify that you are deficient in iron. In that case have some iron supplements, iron rich diet and if possible consult a doctor for iron deficiency.

7.Rose Water with Honey

Honey is the quick remedy for cracked lips as it will help prevent cracks within two days or three. It nourishes the lips and acts as a wonderful moisturizer.

Every single element in rose water and honey joins hands together to smoothen the skin of your lips. Hence, it leaves you with refreshed and rosy lips.

Do’s and Don’ts to prevent dry lips

There are some do’s and don’ts that should be followed to prevent the problem of dry lips.

  • Apply only sunscreen based moisturizer or lip balm to avoid dry and flaking lips, before moving out of the home.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body
  • Consume Vitamin-A rich diet which includes green leafy vegetables, carrots, and tomatoes. Maximum numbers of people usually have cracked lips from vitamin deficiency.


  • Apply a natural balm with shea or cocoa butter before you sleep.
  • Never lick your lips or peel off the dead dry skin.
  • Clean it with a cotton ball soaked in warm water or honey. Exfoliate with the help of soft-bristled toothbrush or sugar. It is really very effective Indian lip care tip.
  • Avoid citrus fruits until your dry, cracked lips are healed. Also, avoid eating acidic fruits as the juice can sting and lead to more flaking.

Winter season is on its peak these days which is the prime reason of cracked lips. The cold weather and different types of infections are making their way to you. Nonetheless, you still have to deal with it effectively, have to go to work, take care of family and meet daily commitments. Subsequently, there’s no escaping to life.

However, you will work your best if you have some these effective and heal chapped lips home remedies for lips at hand. Try to pamper your lips and care yourself.

With the goodness of these quick and best home remedies for lip care, you can have beautiful rosy lips and will find them to be perfectly smooth, consequently.

Say good-bye to soaring cracked lips in winter and enjoy nourished, rosy beautiful lips in every season.

If your lips are sensitive to any medications then natural remedies for cracked lips can only be relied upon. Some antiseptic cream prevents sun blisters and nourishes your lips thoroughly.

Stay one step ahead of winters, start taking care of your lips from now as not just winters but summers and hot winds also affect the smoothness and beauty of your life.

Do you think lip care is actually an important part of daily body care? Do any of these tips appeal you? Have any other beneficial lip care tips with you? Then help us extend this list with your valuable retorts. Please share your vital feedback as comments below.

Stay tuned for more Indian home remedies for cracked lips and other relevant blogs as well.

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