Happy Friendship Day 2017 SMS and Messages

Happy Friendship Day 2017 SMS and Messages

Every person has a special person in his/her life. Here I am not talking about the life partner but the best friend. Is friendship one of the greatest benefits of the human experience? But how many of us really understand what the friendship is for? What do you do when you see that this lifelong friendship suddenly fails? You feel hurt, deceived, reckless, and unappreciated. But, is there any cool and better way to bring a failed friendship to closure that can actually strengthen you after all? Yes….

Remember those forgotten friends this Friendship day with lovely messages.

Friendship Day in India is celebrated in different ways. Some friends concede each other exchanging gifts cards and greetings on this day. Now Friendship bands are also a very popular way to express your love to your friends. As the social networking sites gaining fame, other festivals and Friendship Day are nowadays being celebrated online. Here we present some of the latest friendship day messages, friendship day quotes and greeting to help you get the exact word that can express your feelings.

Happy Friendship Day SMS 2017

Friendship is a little more trust,

A little less try,

A little more laugh,

And a little less cry,

A little more WE and a little less I

Happy Friendship Day!!!


Tea Is Happy With Water,

Tree Is happy

With Leafs,

Sky Is Happy

With Stars,

My life Is Happy,

With your Friendship.



Friends are like mornings,

U can’t have them the whole day,

But U can be sure,

They’ll be there when U wake up,

Tomorrow, next week, next year…

Happy Friendship Day


Who is friend?

A friend is one who sees ur first drop of tear,

Catches the second,

Stop the third, &

Turns the 4th into a smile!!!


True friends are those,

Who cares without hesitation

Who remember without limitation,

Who forgive without explanation &

Who trust without communication.


Never walk away from a friend

When U see some faults be patience

And realize that nobody is perfect

It’s affection that matters, not perfection.

Friendship Messages with Images

Friendship Messages with Images1

If friends were flowers I would not pick you!

I’ll let you grow in the garden &

Cultivate you with love and care

So I can keep you as a friend 4ever!

Happy Friendship Day!


Friendship Messages with Images

Friends are like sunshine,

U can’t have them the whole day,

But U can be sure,

They’ll shine the next day,

Without any delay


Friendship Messages with Images3

Alone i can say but 2gthr v can chat,

Alone i can smile but 2gthr we can laugh,

Alone i can live but 2gthr we can celebrate.

This is the magic of our friendship.


Friendship Messages with Images4

Sweet Fruits Nice to Eat,

Sweet Words Easy to Say,


Sweet Friend Hard to Find,

But Its My Goodness that I Did Find you.

Happy friendship Day!

Send in a straight from the heart Friendship Message to your friends. We will be back with other latest friendship day quotes, messages, picks and images.

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