Bigg Boss 12 Episode 4

Bigg Boss 12 20th September, 2018 Written Updates Episode 4: Dipika Loses Captaincy To Kriti & Roshmi

Bigg Boss 12 is currently the hot topic of discussion all around. The exciting tuning between the inmates, arguments, and much spices every day is making viewers glued to the show. To increase your excitement and upsurge an enticing factor, now we have come up with Bigg Boss 12 Episode 4 written updates here.

Bigg Boss 12 Episode 4 Written Updates

Yesterday we saw the first set of nominations for this season.

Shrishty Rode, Dipika Kakkar, Somi -Saba, Shivashish-Sourabh, Kriti-Roshmi got one step ahead toward the eliminations.

It gave a major blow to the house. The Jodi and tuning among them is slowly getting parted. Fights are heating up with every passing hour.

It is just the beginning of the madness; a burst out of thrill is yet to come in next few weeks.
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It’s time for the first captaincy task. Who do you think deserves to rule the house among all the contestants? Watch how Bigg Boss tests their capability with a tricky task.

The day started with Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota’s flirty talks. Jasleen dressed up and surprises Anup while he was running on the treadmill. He asked her about her health. He complimented her for looking beautiful.

Then as per Bigg Boss housemates are asked to pick the contenders for captaincy between jodis Saba-Somi, Kriti-Roshmi, and singles Srishty Rhode and Dipika. Saba-Somi were hell-bent on convincing the housemates to vote for them. But the majority of them disagree and voted for Kriti-Roshmi.

Now it’s time for Dipika, Roshni, and Kriti to fight for the captaincy task and bag the title.

The captaincy task began with Anup Jalota being the Rajkumar and Jasleen being his Wazir. Dipika, Roshmi, and

Kriti had to impress him as Rani while the other housemates were Rajkumar’s Senapati. Whichever Rani gets the maximum number of roses from Anup wins the task.

While everyone is excited about the task, Sree santh and Shivashish got into a war of words. Shivashish felt offended by Sree santh who apparently abused him. Sree santh defended himself saying that he didn’t mean it but was just in his character. However, Shivashish refused to be calmed down.

Roshmi went an extra mile, swum into a swimsuit for Anup Jalota in the pool. Got one more rose. Dipika however, made a mistake by giving her roses to Jasleen and then the opposition team instantly snatches it from her hand and destroyed it killing the mood of the task.

Dipika broke down, as she lost the race of captaincy against Kriti-Roshmi.


Shivashish and Sreesanth went back to fighting again on the same issue. Shivashish came back to threaten Sreesanth for abusing him but the latter says, he said it to himself and not him.Episode 4 Bigg Boss

Saurabh felt helpless as he could not calm down Shivashish, he broke down to tears following which, Karanvir Bohra and Sreesanth try consoled him.

On the other side, Deepak Thakur unreasonably got dragged into a fight with Somi and Saba Khan.

Now, this is how the busy day at the Bigg Boss house ended. But there is still much more to watch.

Will the fight between Sree and Shivashish be resolved? Or Bigg Boss has to take any serious decision like never before?

To unveil all excitement, stay tuned with us.

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