Bigg noss 12 Episode 3 written updates

Bigg Boss 12 19th September, 2018, Written Updates Episode 3: Nominations Special

Bigg Boss has kickstarted three days back with a bang. All the contestants entered in swag. But now that the routine life has started the common arguments, insulting issues and cat fights have also started taken place in the house equally.

Now we have come up with the written updates of Bigg Boss 12 Episode 3.

Bigg Boss 12 Episode 3 Written updates

Yesterday, we ended up with a question, whether Bigg Boss will open the door for Sree Santh or not?

But everybody managed to resolve the fight. Somi got into an argument with Deepak on the same topic. Somehow Karanvir, who played the soothing element in this fight, fixes it up.

Deepak apologized and so did Sree Sant. And finally the issue resolved.

Day 3 began with a funny song. Then Deepak started singing an emotional song that lets turned Dipika into tears.

Deepak tried to make the ambiance light with his funny gags, entertained Kriti, Anup Jalota, Jasleen, and Srishty.

Bigg boss episode 3

Romil and Shivaashis seemed to be discussing about girls in the house.

Then nomination process started in a unique way.

All the Vichitra Jodis nominated two contestants while the singles nominated three jodis.

As a result, Dipika Kakar, Srishty Rode, Saba-Somi, Roshmi-Kriti, and Shivaashish- Saurabh are nominated this week.

These nomination names raised the temperature of the house. Everybody started discussung about the reasons for nominations.

However, all of the blethers brought Kriti to tears making her said that the reason was not decent.

Sree Sant and Anup told Kriti to advice Roshmi for getting involved with everyone.

Due to the nominations and the hot discussion went around, an argument raised in between Shivashish and Saurabh.

Meanwhile Urvashi got hurt by Kriti’s comment on unhygienic washroom usages.

Dipika and Nirmal tried to calm her down. Finally Kriti apologized and the matter got solved.

Later at midnight, Deepak tried to explain the strategy to survive here at the house of Bigg Boss.

Well…this is how the day 3 spent at the house of Bigg Boss. Have you enjoyed reading the Bigg Boss 12 episode 3 written updates? Do lets us know.

Will the next day be a calmer and cooler event among the housemates tomorrow? Or any strong impulsive action is about to happen?

Stay tuned to know what happens tomorrow?

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