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Bigg Boss 12 18th September, 2018, Written Updates: Episode 2 Whole house Against Saba & Soni

Bigg Boss Season 12 is back with its next dose of entertainment and so much fun. A lot of drama is there in this episode. Just take a minute to read the whole.

The next day starts with the concept of singles vs jodis. This has obviously managed to raise excitement among the audience. As the house gets divided between singles and jodis, the effect of the same was noticed in the tasks, captaincy, and nominations as well.

Effects of First Task on Bigg Boss 12 Episode 2

BB Press Conference Task

Housemates tried to solve Somi-Saba and Shivashish’s fight, which was actually just a prank. In between, Urvashi gets hurt by the language of Shivashish.

Sreesanth also looked upset and Saba tried to convince Sree about the fake prank and to sleep in the bedroom but he wanted to be left alone.

Just at the start of the day 2 in the Bigg boss house, Karanvir Bohra got offended over non-segregation of waste.

Saba started a topic of deciding and allotting household duties. This made everyone annoyed. Saba questioned Dipika of what has she done since the morning? To which Dipika said she is not bound to tell her.

This started a hot discussion in the house and raised the temperature.

For this reason, Deepika challenged Saba and Somi as weaker contestants.

This argument was moderated by Bigg Boss 11 season winner Shilpa Shinde and Television star Karan Patel.

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Sreesanth got furious at Khan sisters’ attitude. He said they do not deserve to be in this show. Consequently, nine people voted against Saba and Soni. While Shilpa felts Deepika is weaker and that is why she tried to prove them weaker. Finally, as a result, Khan Sisters were declared as weak.

Then to complete task Karanveer Bohra challenged Kriti and Roshmilla. According to him they do not know each other, have no chemistry. But lost the task and declared as the weaker contestant.

Finally, the last challenge came from Sreesanth. He challenged Shivashish and Saurabh but he has no point to put forward against this Jodi. Bigg Boss said it is not a logical end and canceled the task. The housemates got furious and blamed Sree for losing the task which was performed for getting luxury budget.

The argument rose so strong that Somi started crying saying that Sreesanth insulted her. He spoke about her upbringing and later sarcastically apologized. Somi said it is a very mean behavior. Karanveer tried to pacify both.

But Sreesanth said he did not mean any bad words and finally tried to leave Bigg Boss house. He removed the mike and wanted Bigg Boss to open the door. All housemates tried to pacify him.

Will Bigg Boss open the door for Sree Santh to leave the show?  Stay tuned with us to find out tomorrow!

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