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Best 15 Halloween Costumes Ideas for 31st October 2017

Sick of spending too much time to find the perfect look for Halloween this year? Don’t worry. We here have prepared well to assist you in this concern. No need to spend hours on internet digging up to find the best costume for Halloween 2017. Keep reading here to know the most amazing Halloween costume ideas for adults, kids and all. Here you will find the best Halloween costume ideas which you can put together in minutes. Actually, these are perfect for the last-timers. However, there is a condition…. Only smart costumers will be brave enough to tackle these super ideas.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

  1. Bag of jelly beans

Get this Halloween a mouthwatering costume.

jelly bean bag halloween costume


What you need to do: Pick a bag, cut holes for your arms and pegs to get fit into. Print the nutritional facts on the back of this costume. Give it appearance just like what you see on the backs of candy bags. Fill up it with colored balloons to give a look of jellybeans, and tie up the trash bag near your neck with a ribbon.

  1. Fortune Teller

Sway away people with some gypsy magic. Also, have fun walking around by telling fortunes of your friends.



What you need to do: Get a head scarf, long skirt, sparkly top, and a shawl to drape over your shoulders. You must be having lots of gold and flashy jewelry, keep it on. Create a couple of fun fortunes for your friends and family. Walk around with a tranquil, mysterious smile on your face.

  1. Mummy’s alive

Mummy look could be a pretty unsexy costume but a fun one to make.



What you need to do: All you need to do is put on white clothes and roll some toilet paper around you. Add some ketchup or red food coloring for a gory effect.

  1. Vampire

Vampires are the most preferred look on this day. It is an iconic pop culture figures. There are plenty of TV and movie vampire characters for you to mimic.



What you need to do: Get a pair of imitation vampire tusks, and wear foundation that is shades lighter than normal. Be ingenious and aim to look like vampires from popular TV shows and movies like True Blood. Drop some fake blood or red food coloring on the side of your mouth.

  1. Minions

Take over the world with these evil minion costumes a la Despicable Me.

adult-minion-costume for halloween


What you need to do: Get a yellow t-shirt and overalls. Make your own hat, and add eyes made out of cloth or eyes made from Styrofoam cups. You can also decide on to paint your face yellow.

Female Halloween costume ideas 2017

  1. Pixelated Image

Sometimes low resolution can look like art, especially as a Halloween costume. It is one of the awesome Halloween costume ideas.

best halloween costume


What you need to do: Paint your face with different colors and attach diverse shades of cloth cut into squares on your shirt.

  1. The Powerpuff Girls

Fight crime this Halloween by carrying the best baby girl Halloween costume idea, the Powerpuff Girls.

powerpuff-girls-amazing halloween costumes


What you need to do: Get blue, red, and green outfits and add black belts to the outfits. If you don’t have black belts, you can simply replace them with black pipe tape.

  1. Skeleton

Skeletons can look chic, too, especially on females.

skeleton halloween costumes


What you need to do: Get a black top so as to paint it like a skeleton. Paint skull makeup on your face with face paint.

  1. Cupcakes

This costume of cupcakes will be such a treat to see.

easy halloween costume for girls


What you need to do: Make the cupcake cover from poster paper stuck on a wash basket that has its bottom cut out. Hold it up with suspenders by use fleece as the icing and hot glue randomly to scrunch it up.

Stick pompom balls on the swindle as the sprinkles. Also, make a make the cherry hat out of Styrofoam balls (spray painted red) and pipe cleaners to get the perfect look.

  1. Firefox

Such a fiery and foxy costume!

firefox halloween costume 2017


What you need to do: Get an orange ensemble that includes furry orange ears, a tail, and fingerless gloves. You also require a globe, which you can make using an overblown ball and be painting it.

Best homemade Halloween costume ideas

  1. Pikachu

Choose Pikachu, the favorite of all kids. It is one the cute Halloween costume ideas.

halloween costume 2017


What you need to do: Get a yellow outfit and felt and cardboard to make the ears and tail. Don’t forget to paint your cheeks red!

  1. Mystique

The Mystique costume will surely turn everyone’s head, X-Men fan or not.



What you need to do: Get a blue outfit and paint your face and body. Wear yellow contacts and a red wig.

  1. Dora the Explorer

Get your exploring on this Halloween.



What you need to do: it’s the simplest. Get a pink shirt, orange shorts, backpack, and sneakers. Don’t forget the short brown bob.

  1. Comic book character

Comic character is always attractive for any occasion.

Comic book character halloween


Go big and theatrical this scary holiday by dressing up as a comic book character! People will have to do shade their eyes from the bright colors.

What you need to do: Get cheerful clothing and comic book makeup.

  1. A dragon fruit

This special fruit will make a unique Halloween costume ideas.

amazing halloween costume ideas


What you need to do: Get a white tube top, and dot with a black marker then get green lashes. Stick a pink skirt with dragon fruit “scales” made out of paper. Paint the scales on your skin as well.

Did you like the Halloween costume ideas for all? If you liked any of the ideas and going to pick any of the mentioned ideas, don’t forget to mention in the comment box.

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