Whey Protein health benefits

7 Most Amazing Health Benefits of Whey Protein

Are you confused by the word ‘Whey Protein? Do you have any clear idea about what it is and why more and more people are getting attracted towards Whey protein? How can it benefit your health? If not, then you will get to know that sooner.

Have you ever walked into a health food store or your local vitamin shop? What do you see there?  You can’t help but notice the shelves heaving with glossy bottles containing protein powder. Yes! These are the bottles filled with Whey Protein.

Whey Protein Health Benefits

What is whey protein?

Whey actually a form of protein originated from cow’s milk and pure whey contains a large amount of the milk sugar lactose, as well as a variety of proteins, fat, and cholesterol. Whey protein is a good source of protein for all those people who are involved in cardiovascular activity and bodybuilding. Hence, this key protein is accepted by a maximum number of bodybuilders.

This is due to the reason Whey is an outstanding source of the essential amino acid leucine vital for muscles growth. Also, it is the most popular protein supplement by far in the market. It is one of the two major proteins found in milk and is isolated from it as a byproduct of the production of cheese and casein.

Fuel of big-bodied muscular heads

This is known to be fuel for a person indulged in muscular activity. So, if you’re pursuing good quality workouts, following a diet full of lean protein, fiber & vitamin-rich veggies and fruits, along with good-quality carbs, however not seeing the effective results that you want, then whey protein will help you gain it better.

Whey Protein Health Benefits

Although bodybuilders and gym rats have made whey protein famous and they admire it like anything as well. But the fact is, we all can enjoy benefit by having whey protein to our routine diets.

Protein is an essential constituent for our bodies. So, it is essential to make sure that you have enough protein rich diet. Without protein, you could not build muscles or repair tissues which are general processes. Protein is the huge source of energy, produces enzymes and hormones the body needs.

Whey Protein Health Benefits

But these are not enough to accept it as an essential part of your daily routine. We have narrowed down the 7 most favored health benefits of whey protein.

  1. Helps Lose Fat And Not Muscles

Taking whey protein is an effective way to increase your protein intake. This provides you with major benefits in dieting or weight loss. Researches have shown that switching other sources of calories with whey protein, pooled with regular exercise, and or resistance training can cause tremendous weight loss of about 8 pounds as well as increasing lean muscle mass.

whey protein weight loss


Hence, if you’re planning to lose weight, then a whey protein can help you best, both in losing weight and holding on to your precious muscles.

  1. Increases Stamina Being Good Energy Booster

What if I say that whey protein actually increases your stamina and can make you stronger at the gym?

Yes! That’s true.

Protein is the energy booster in the body. And if you are taking whey protein, then you are feeding your body with quick energy as it is easy to digest comparing other protein sources. Hence, it quickens the stamina generation in the body. Whey is quickly processed and absorbed by the body, which promotes muscles recovery faster.

  1. Great Stress Buster, Generates More Serotonin

Stress is the resultant of the low level of Serotonin, which is popularly considered to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness. As we all know, whey is a complete protein because it contains all known essential amino acids. One of those amino acids is tryptophan. It is that sneaky one who makes you feel cool and sluggish after a big turkey dinner. But it’s also linked to your brain’s production of serotonin.

When you have low levels of serotonin, you may start showing signs of anxiety and depression. However, by increasing your serotonin levels through a protein-rich diet like with whey, you’ll be able to generate more serotonin and keep those feelings of stress at bay.

  1. Regulates Diabetes Like Any Other Diet Plan

Whey protein is beneficial for the diabetic patient with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a severe and prevalent condition these days. It can be managed and prevented by healthy nutrition. As whey protein provides a good source of protein that is fat-free and cholesterol-less, so you can have a good diet as compared to other sources.

  1. Stops Cancer By Increasing Anti-Oxidants

Glutathione is one of the most important anti-oxidants known as the “mother of all antioxidants”. This antioxidant can absorb free radicals and hence prevent cancer, just like other foods like wheatgrass and kale rich in Sulphur.

whey protein prevents cancer

But, how did the whey protein works on the prostate cells?

There is an amazing increase in glutathione observed as a result of the regular intake of whey protein. According to various researches, Whey is a good source of the amino acid cysteine, which can become glutathione in the body. Researchers also believe that increased levels of glutathione may avert free radicals from turning into cancerous cells.

  1. Maintains Healthy Immune System

Whey protein has benefits for the immune system also. As discussed above, whey protein helps increase the level of antioxidants, glutathione. This is also necessary for a healthy immune system. From time to time, glutathione levels fall due to extreme workout, physical activity, and resistance training. Hence, with whey protein diet, you can boost immunity and maintain a robust and healthy immune system.

Improves immunity whey protein

  1. Lowers Level Of Bad Cholesterol

Having high LDL-low density lipoprotein levels, or bad cholesterol levels can lead to face scary conditions. LDL is a microscopic blob builds up in the walls of your blood vessels. Excess accumulation starts to cause blockages in arteries and so increases the risk for heart attacks.

Whey protein affects cholesterol levels. Several researchers found that people consuming whey protein have decreased their total cholesterol and decreased the number of triglycerides in their liver.

How much protein you should eat daily?

The recommended amount of protein on daily basis for adults over the age of 25 is 50-60 grams, depending on gender and weight. However, this recommendation is not for the person who is highly active or trying to increase muscle mass.

The general permission to the bodybuilders and exercise professionals is that they should consume between 0.8 and 1 gram of protein per pound of their body weight as suggested by mavens.

Are you looking to build a toned muscular body? Planning to have strict diet and workout plan? Then I am sure you are getting the idea here how to start with and what are the essentials required.

Have you found this blog relevant to your probes? Do you have some additional information about whey protein? Please do share with us as your valuable comments below.

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