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10 Unseen Real Life Bollywood Brother and Sister

Siblings are the best person with whom you share your almost all types of feelings. With them, you always feel that you have someone to share your happiness with as well as someone to annoy you 24/7. This can be said about many Bollywood stars siblings which exist as an important part in their life, but most of them are not so famous and like to stay away from the limelight.

Here we are talking about Bollywood stars and their lesser-known siblings. This would be really interesting for you to know.

Do you know Sonakshi has twin brothers? Deepika Padukone has a younger sister? Isn’t it interesting?

Now, have a look on some siblings whom the media conveniently forget. Here are 10 lesser-known Bollywood star siblings that you don’t know.

Real Bollywood Brother and Sister

  1. Shah Rukh Khan’s sister, Shahnaz Lalarukh

SRK’s elder sister, Shahnaz is a graduate of Lady Shri Ram College. She stays with her brother after her father’s death and decided not to get married. King Khan’s life gyrates around a very few essential people – his wife Gauri, kids and the only sister Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan.

shahrukh khan sister Shehnaz

  1. Parineeti Chopra’s brothers, Shivang and Saha

We all know Parineeti Chopra is cousin sister to Priyanka Chopra. But she also has two younger brothers, Shivang and Sahaj, whom she loves a lot. They often accompany her to many award shows.



  1. Sushmita Sen’s brother, Rajeev

Sushmita Sen, the former beauty pageant winner has a younger brother, Rajeev. They share a lovely bonding and are often spotted at parties and vacations together. Once they even walked a ramp together too.

sushmita brother-rajeev


  1. Ranbir Kapoor’s sister, Riddhima Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor’s Sister Riddhima Kapoor is a well-known face in the fashion industry, but many people don’t know that she is the sister of Ranbir Kapoor. She is quite active on social media as well and has a really lovely daughter Samara with Delhi based businessman husband Bharat Sahni.  She has not appeared in movies but is often spotted in events.



  1. Arjun Kapoor’s Sister, Anshula Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor’s cousin sister is Sonam Kapoor, everyone knows. But he has an adorable real sister Anshula Kapoor too who is loved by many in the film world. As per Arjun, she is the best critic of his work and he also looks up to her opinion. Anshula is really a wonderful sister as she is always the first to book tickets of Arjun’s films.



  1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s brother, Aditya Rai

Aishwarya’s elder brother Aditya Rai is not so famous. He is an engineer in the Merchant Navy and is married to Shrima Rai who was Mrs. India 2009. He also tried his luck in this tinsel town by producing one of his sister’s films, Dil Ka Rishta. But, unfortunately, it didn’t work much and so does his chance to come into limelight.



  1. Kriti Sanon’s sister, Nupur Sanon

Kriti Sanon’s sister Nupur Sanon cannot be included in the list of unknown siblings of Bollywood stars. She is loved by many, thanks to Kriti as she keeps on updating her Instagram channel with their photos. Nupur is as beautiful as Kriti herself and it will be a treat to see her on the big screen as well.



  1. Priyanka Chopra’s brother, Siddharth Chopra

No doubt, Priyanka is the glamour queen, but her younger brother Siddharth Chopra usually likes to stay away from the limelight. While we all have watched her in many roles in Bollywood movies, how many of us even knew that she plays the role of a real sister too in her own personal life.

priyanka_chopra brother


  1. Deepika Padukone’s sister, Anisha Padukone

One is beauty other is an athlete. Here we are talking about the Padukone sisters. Anisha is the golfer calls her elder sister sissy. Deepika also acts a mother and protective elder sister.

deepika padukone sister pic


  1. Sonakshi Sinha’s twin brothers Luv & Kush Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha has twin brothers Luv and Kush Sinha. They often have made public appearances with her. Although both have started their career in Bollywood, Luv had made his Bollywood debut in a movie Sadiyaan whereas Kush, the younger sibling is a film-maker.



Time is the observer of the fact that kids of one family are born with different fates and fortunes. Some excel in the field of glamour and are continuously in the public eye while others stay away from the limelight and remain in the background, sometimes invisible also.

Does this list enticed you? Do you have any other Bollywood star siblings name in your mind? Do share with us through below given comment section.

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